Project Origins


A dorayaki is a Japanese sweet made of two pancakes filled with red bean paste. It is very tasty and also looks like Japan’s flag, due to its round shape. Moreover, I was moved by the movie “Les Délices de Tokyo (あんAn)”. The story takes place in a small dorayaki shop. It tells us into living life with mindfulness and listen to our emotions – which is exactly what I want to do with The Dorayaki Project. Finally, I figured out that offering a dorayaki when opening conversation can be a great ice-breaker! Very useful when investigating in a foreign country.


2017: Writing a Post-Master’s thesis: Minimalism and Daily Life

2015: Starting meeting and interviewing craftspeople and stakeholders in craftsmanship field

2014: Professional experience in Shanghai, China

2013: Discovery of Asia. Exchange semester in Hong-Kong.